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East Hanover

What to Know Before Moving to East Hanover


If you’re looking to move out of the big city and into a more family-friendly area, East Hanover is the perfect place for you. Before you relocate your entire family and belongings to this New Jersey town, it might be wise to do a little research about daily life and various opportunities that the city […]

5 Reasons to Love Living in East Hanover, NJ


If you’re looking to settle down and plant roots in a fun and family-friendly community, look no further than the peaceful town of East Hanover, New Jersey. With a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, natural scenery, and easy access to the thrills of New York City and Newark, East Hanover is the perfect destination to live. […]

Reasons to Move Out of Manhattan and into the Suburbs Now!


Living in the exciting borough of Manhattan, or anywhere else in New York City, can seem like the ultimate dream to many people. With views of the Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers gracing the landscape, and access to luxurious restaurants, what more could you possibly ask for? However, what most people don’t realize is that unless […]

The Five Best Restaurants in East Hanover


From authentic Mexican cuisine to delicious gourmet hot dogs, East Hanover has plenty of restaurants and delis that are top notch status. With a large Italian community, it also boasts fantastic pizzerias and Italian restaurants. If you find yourself in this New Jersey town ready to satisfy a craving, we’ve compiled a list below of […]